College of Nutrition (CN)

The College of Nutrition at Taipei Medical University is one of the best and finest colleges in the world. The College of Nutrition integrates nutrition and health sciences, food safety and food science, as well as metabolism and obesity sciences in one holistic multidisciplinary college from basic to clinical aspects and from theoretical to practical application. We highlight our extraordinary achievements as follows:

- Top 1 for university entrance examination score in the School of Nutrition and Health Sciences in nutrition-related departments among universities in Taiwan

- Top 1 for national exam pass rate of registered dietitian in Taiwan

- Top 1 for the numbers of in-service registered dietitians who graduated from the School of Nutrition and Health Sciences at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan

- The first one and the only one for the College of Nutrition, School of Food Safety, and master’s program in the Graduate Institute of Metabolism and Obesity Sciences in Taiwan

- The pioneer for the establishment of Master’s Program in Food Safety in Taiwan

Based on the concept of "Life counts on health, and health counts on nutrition," the School of Nutrition and Health Sciences, founded in 1979, is the first school of the College of Nutrition, with master’s program, professional master’s program, and doctoral programs established in 1995, 2000, and 2002, respectively. The school has over 3,300 outstanding alumni in the nutrition-related field, and also has the highest passing rate for the registered dietitians in the nation.

With increasing emphasis on food safety and a shortage of food safety experts, we established Taiwan’s first master’s program and bachelor’s program in food safety in 2016 and 2017, respectively. These programs aim to cultivate students with the ability of risk assessment, crisis management, research and practical skills, problem discovering and solving, and global perspectives. We hope to foster more outstanding professionals in this field so that they can spread knowledge of food safety to the community and society.

Additionally, as an approach towards preventive medicine, and further promote the public’s health through the management of desired body weight and normal metabolism, a master’s program in the Graduate Institute of Metabolism and Obesity Sciences will also be established in August 2017. By integrating research and practice in translational medicine from bench to bedsides, the program aims to train interdisciplinary specialists in obesity prevention and treatment.

Not only does the college focus on teaching, it also puts efforts on research and social responsibility. The Research Centers of Nutritional Medicine and Geriatric Nutrition were established in 2016 and 2017, respectively, to integrate research, development, and application in functional foods and nutritional care for the elderly by combining clinical and basic research.

Being the first College of Nutrition in Taiwan, we offer extensive resources in bridging the students with the global community. We provide a number of international activities including exchange student programs, international internships, summer school programs, and dual-degree programs in partnership with international renowned universities. Furthermore, we continue to expand the MOOCs curricula, at the same time, also endeavors to promote academia-industrial cooperation and graduate program in health food development. The College of Nutrition strives to become the home to the best professionals in nutrition and food safety in Asia.


Master Program in Food Safety (MFS)

Food safety is crucial to the harmony of a society, development of economics, and the image of a country. Master Program in Food Safety at Taipei Medical University, the first food safety related master program in Taiwan, was established in August, 2016.

The program aims to educate students to be capable of organizing and utilizing professional knowledge, and developing abilities in risk analyzing and crisis managing in food safety. The ultimate goal of the researches and teaching in this program is, based on public health and combining sciences in nutrition and food, to cultivate professional personnel in food safety management system for the society and the government.